…Just Your Presence

by Ian Jade

“Put it on.”
“Pleeeeease put it on?”
“It looks silly.”
“But that’s the point! It’s . . .”
She paused, staring into his eyes, reaching for the word that would win him over. “Fun,” she said. “It’ll be more fun that way.”
He took a deep, ceiling-studying breath; huffed it out again.
“OK. All right. Give it here.”
She passed him the shiny, pointed thing, dangling and wobbling obscenely from its too-thin rubber strap.
“Now the ribbon. Please? For me?”
He laughed softly, shaking his head as he helped her to wrap and weave and tighten. The light of three dozen candles shone gently on the satin, and her bright eyes.
“Happy now?”
She leaned back, considering.
“Very happy, thank you.”
“Am I forgiven, then? I know you said this would make up for it, but, truly, I am so sorry I forgot your present-“
“Hush. You agreed, remember? However I wanted. How. Ever. And this is what I want. Fun. Silly. Sex. Party hats, ribbons, candles on a cake. But I haven’t HAD you yet, Replacement-Present, so I’m not sure if you’ll be completely satisfactory . . .” Her eyes lingered on the ribbon, straining and taut across the throbbing flesh. “I think you’ll be fine, though.”
He stifled a moan as she slowly eased her body on top of his, and nestled her cheek against his chest.
“Actually,” she whispered, “I was hoping you’d forget my present again, next year.”

This short was written especially for the competition run by Exhibit Unadorned, on the theme of Birthday Sex.